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Blue LED Production Fails Because of Magnesium

Scientific American reported that UK scientists think that the difficulty in making blue LEDs could be attributed to magnesium, a key ingredient in making the semiconductor sandwich required for such LEDs.

Iran to Launch First Magnesium Plant This Week

According to Iranian Fars news agency, the country's first magnesium plant will be inaugurated this week. According to Azer News, the plant will be able to produce up to 6,000 metric tonnes of the metal each year.

Magnesium Ion Batteries a “Promising Alternative” to Lithium

Researchers at the awrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the US department of energy are looking at magnesium ion batteries as a possible alternative to lithium, according to Some drawbacks related to magnesium have slowed development efforts so far, but the researchers say that magnesium ion batteries could have higher energy density and be less prone to overheating than their lithium counterparts.

Magnesium Alloys Making a Comeback

In an article for Engineering Materials, Justin Cunningham writes that despite challenges related to its flammability and corrosive nature, magnesium alloys are making a comeback. The metal is extremely lightweight, a key advantage for aerospace and automotive markets.

Researchers Developing New, Stronger Magnesium Alloy reported this week that Hiromi Miura and colleagues at the Toyohashi University of Technology have conducted research to suggest that they have produced the world's strongest magnesium alloy to date. The researches are conducting a further experiment in order to produce larger-sized samples of the alloy, according to