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What is Magnesite?

Although over 80 minerals contain magnesium, only six are used for magnesium production. One of those materials, magnesite, is used in modern manufacturing processes and can be found in items ranging from paper to animal feed.

Korab Resources Gains 50 Percent on Magnesite Offtake

The magnesium space is usually fairly quiet, but there was some news on the magnesite front from Australia on Wednesday. Korab Resources announced an offtake agreement for magnesite production from its Winchester mine over seven years, and the company's stock shot up 50 percent on the news.

How Magnesium Alloys are Making Planes Lighter

Given that they're incredibly lightweight, it makes sense to use magnesium alloys for weight reduction in airplane construction. But magnesium also has a reputation for being highly flammable, and as such has been expressly forbidden for use in airplane interiors in the past.